Doing Florida, Old-Style

I have many wonderful memories of visiting the Daytona Beach area during my younger years. It saddens me to see that many of the old hotels have been torn down and replaced with condos. If you look close enough, however, you can still find many historic buildings and storefronts that reflect the flavor and style of vintage Florida. My daughter and I visited Daytona Beach … Continue reading Doing Florida, Old-Style

Route 66 to the Land of Lincoln

I was sent on a business trip to, of all places, Pontiac, IL. I had never heard of the place, quite frankly. Turns out that Pontiac sits pretty much between Chicago and Springfield, IL, so it seemed like a good opportunity to get in another “Abraham Lincoln fix.” It was almost dark by the time my flight landed in Chicago and I obtained a rental … Continue reading Route 66 to the Land of Lincoln

Historic St. Mary’s, Solomon’s Island, Annapolis, MD

September, 2012 In researching my family’s ancestry, I was able to trace many of my relatives to St. Mary’s, MD. It was one of the first colonies built in America, and I was eager to get a small feel for what life may have been like for them. My sister and I planned a trip to Maryland to do just that. We flew to Baltimore, … Continue reading Historic St. Mary’s, Solomon’s Island, Annapolis, MD

Lovely Lake Geneva

September, 2010 Mike and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Lake Geneva, WI, in September of 2010. It’s a beautiful town! Mums and pumpkins lined the street corners, making it impossible not to get excited about the coming days of Autumn. We rented bikes and went riding along a graveled path which led us to small towns. The vibrant blue September sky above the rolling … Continue reading Lovely Lake Geneva