A Little Perspective

My father was born in 1917, during a time when the first World War was taking a toll on many people in our nation. He survived the Spanish Flu, the world’s most deadly global health pandemic. He lived his teenage years in the midst of the Great Depression. He was drafted into the U.S. ArmyContinue reading “A Little Perspective”

The Gift I Never Expected

As I sat in my comfy chair, late in the evening, pondering the events of this Mother’s Day, it occurred to me that I received the most amazing gift from my children today, and I’m pretty sure they don’t even realize that they gave it to me. Let me explain. I love exploring history, especiallyContinue reading “The Gift I Never Expected”

A Step Back in Time

Locust Grove, in Louisville, KY, tells the story of William and Lucy Clark Croghan, along with the story of Lucy’s brother, General George Rogers Clark. The home has hosted a number of historical heroes in past years, including Presidents James Monroe and Andrew Jackson, John James Audubon, Cassius Marcellus Clay, and Lewis and Clark. EachContinue reading “A Step Back in Time”

Feeling Like a Fairy Tale

Summer was drawing to a close and my granddaughter was soon to be starting Kindergarten, so I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate. She had no idea what was planned, as I wanted it to be a surprise. Her first surprise was when I picked her up and her Mommy had her suitcaseContinue reading “Feeling Like a Fairy Tale”

How the Murphy Girls Roll

Caitlin and I set off on a Momma/Daughter adventure to do a little exploring around Northern Kentucky. Our first stop was at Jane’s Saddlebag, in Burlington, KY. Jane’s is a family-owned business in which they took their family farm and turned it into a fun place for other families to enjoy. We enjoyed mango wineContinue reading “How the Murphy Girls Roll”

Autumn Glory

My favorite time of year! Chilly nights wrapped in old sweatshirts and snuggly blankets. A cool wind in your hair and the sun’s warmth on your back. The smell of firewood burning. Leaves crunching under foot. Rays of sunshine glimmering on the leaves in jewel-toned hues of yellow, orange, and red. Scarecrows waving in theContinue reading “Autumn Glory”

Gallrein Farms

Gallrein Farms, in Shelby County, KY, is our favorite place to visit for some festive fall fun and pumpkin picking. ¬†We have lunch and browse in the farm store before heading out to see the animals at the petting zoo.       Everyone loves¬†climbing the massive pyramid of haystacks. Where there’s a will, there’sContinue reading “Gallrein Farms”

Fun on the 4th of July

When our children were little, one of our favorite places for celebrating Independence Day was at the Crescent Hill Old-Fashioned 4th of July Fair. It’s the perfect setting for families with small children, and offers many fun events and activities. Our kids always loved doing the art and craft activities, bouncing in the Moon Jumps,Continue reading “Fun on the 4th of July”

Zipping Along

Red River Gorge – October, 2013 I suffered a fairly serious head injury on Valentine’s Day, 2013, resulting in sutures, massive swelling and bruising of my face and head, two bulging discs in my neck, and post concussive syndrome. I wasn’t able to do much more than sleep for several weeks. I began physical therapyContinue reading “Zipping Along”