Mad About March

March is the month when we, hopefully, say goodbye to Old Man Winter and prepare to welcome the wonders of spring. Who wouldn’t be grateful for that?  It’s a time of transition and new beginnings. This is my list of gratitude for the month of March: RAIN, RAIN, YOU CAN STAY I love sunny days,Continue reading “Mad About March”

Prospect Fall Festival Provides Family Fun While Helping the Homeless

There’s a new way to celebrate Autumn in the Louisville area, and it combines good, old-fashioned family fun with a way to help others! The Prospect Fall Festival, held at Gingerwoods Event Hall, in Prospect, KY (next to Henry’s Ark) was hosted by Faith Community Church. All of the activities were free with a donationContinue reading “Prospect Fall Festival Provides Family Fun While Helping the Homeless”

Gallrein Farms

Gallrein Farms, in Shelby County, KY, is our favorite place to visit for some festive fall fun and pumpkin picking.  We have lunch and browse in the farm store before heading out to see the animals at the petting zoo.       Everyone loves climbing the massive pyramid of haystacks. Where there’s a will, there’sContinue reading “Gallrein Farms”

Fun on the 4th of July

When our children were little, one of our favorite places for celebrating Independence Day was at the Crescent Hill Old-Fashioned 4th of July Fair. It’s the perfect setting for families with small children, and offers many fun events and activities. Our kids always loved doing the art and craft activities, bouncing in the Moon Jumps,Continue reading “Fun on the 4th of July”