The Gift I Never Expected

As I sat in my comfy chair, late in the evening, pondering the events of this Mother’s Day, it occurred to me that I received the most amazing gift from my children today, and I’m pretty sure they don’t even realize that they gave it to me. Let me explain. I love exploring history, especiallyContinue reading “The Gift I Never Expected”

Streamlining That Bucket List

Bucket Lists are great, but they can also be a bit overwhelming.¬† It takes a great deal of planning, not to mention a mountain of cash, to go skydiving, take scuba diving lessons, climb the Eiffel Tower, and run with the bulls in Spain. These are not the things on my Bucket List, by theContinue reading “Streamlining That Bucket List”

Simple Things Matter

Most of us tend to measure life’s journey in milestones – weddings, births, graduations, job promotions, retirements. We invest a great deal of time and planning¬†into celebrating these things, as it should be, for they are, indeed, joyous occasions. There are, however, many ordinary days in between those special occasions. Sometimes, if we aren’t careful,Continue reading “Simple Things Matter”

Hugs from Strangers

Some of the things I see on social media make me feel so hopeless for our society today. Every time something horrible happens at the hands of a few hateful individuals, the media and the politicians blast us with unending attempts to blame an entire race or group of people for the violent actions ofContinue reading “Hugs from Strangers”

Here We Gogh

My daughter loves art, so when I heard that the Cincinnati Art Museum was presenting a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for another Mother/Daughter Adventure. The first snowflakes of the season began falling as we made our way to Cincinnati. The first thing we did when we arrived wasContinue reading “Here We Gogh”

Prospect Fall Festival Provides Family Fun While Helping the Homeless

There’s a new way to celebrate Autumn in the Louisville area, and it combines good, old-fashioned family fun with a way to help others! The Prospect Fall Festival, held at Gingerwoods Event Hall, in Prospect, KY (next to Henry’s Ark) was hosted by Faith Community Church. All of the activities were free with a donationContinue reading “Prospect Fall Festival Provides Family Fun While Helping the Homeless”

Feeling Like a Fairy Tale

Summer was drawing to a close and my granddaughter was soon to be starting Kindergarten, so I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate. She had no idea what was planned, as I wanted it to be a surprise. Her first surprise was when I picked her up and her Mommy had her suitcaseContinue reading “Feeling Like a Fairy Tale”

How the Murphy Girls Roll

Caitlin and I set off on a Momma/Daughter adventure to do a little exploring around Northern Kentucky. Our first stop was at Jane’s Saddlebag, in Burlington, KY. Jane’s is a family-owned business in which they took their family farm and turned it into a fun place for other families to enjoy. We enjoyed mango wineContinue reading “How the Murphy Girls Roll”