Covered Bridge Festival

October, 2014 I’ve heard that Indiana’s Covered Bridge Festival is one of the largest festivals in the nation, so my friend, Julie, and I decided to check it out. The festival started in Rockville, Indiana, over 50 years ago, and has spread to several different towns in Parke County, Indiana. The closest available motel withContinue reading “Covered Bridge Festival”

Amelia Island, Charleston, St. Augustine

To celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary, Mike and I headed southeast for some sand and sunshine! Although not a planned part of the trip, we found ourselves too close to Charleston, SC, not to check it out. So that was our first stop. Beautiful homes are surrounded by a wealth of history. We were alsoContinue reading “Amelia Island, Charleston, St. Augustine”

Ocean City and Baltimore Harbor

  I wasn’t finished exploring the state of Maryland after my trip with my sister in 2012, so Mike and I visited again in 2013. We started our trip in Ocean City. It was the first time either of us had experienced the Atlantic Ocean from Maryland, and we were both pleasantly surprised. The beachContinue reading “Ocean City and Baltimore Harbor”

Route 66 to the Land of Lincoln

I was sent on a business trip to, of all places, Pontiac, IL. I had never heard of the place, quite frankly. Turns out that Pontiac sits pretty much between Chicago and Springfield, IL, so it seemed like a good opportunity to get in another “Abraham Lincoln fix.” It was almost dark by the timeContinue reading “Route 66 to the Land of Lincoln”

Historic St. Mary’s, Solomon’s Island, Annapolis, MD

September, 2012 In researching my family’s ancestry, I was able to trace many of my relatives to St. Mary’s, MD. It was one of the first colonies built in America, and I was eager to get a small feel for what life may have been like for them. My sister and I planned a tripContinue reading “Historic St. Mary’s, Solomon’s Island, Annapolis, MD”

Playing Footsie in the Florida Keys

September, 2011 Mike and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary in the Florida Keys. We flew to Fort Lauderdale and rented a car to make our way further south. Navigating the Lauderdale and Miami traffic was hectic but, once we made it to the Keys, life slowed to a blissful pace. We stayed at aContinue reading “Playing Footsie in the Florida Keys”

Following the Lincoln Trail – Hodgenville, KY

 July, 2011 I’m a huge American History buff. I especially love learning as much as possible about our Founding Fathers and early presidents who were so instrumental in shaping our nation. Abraham Lincoln is, of course, one of my favorite presidents for many reasons. He was born in Hodgenville, KY. Lucky for me, that’s notContinue reading “Following the Lincoln Trail – Hodgenville, KY”

Lovely Lake Geneva

September, 2010 Mike and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Lake Geneva, WI, in September of 2010. It’s a beautiful town! Mums and pumpkins lined the street corners, making it impossible not to get excited about the coming days of Autumn. We rented bikes and went riding along a graveled path which led us toContinue reading “Lovely Lake Geneva”