God Loves Women

I recently read an article which appeared to encourage women to disengage from the church, stating that the Bible depicts God as believing women are second-class citizens on this earth, that they are somehow “less than” their male counterparts. The author of the article even went so far as to add several facts regarding the brutal treatment of women in many cultures where God is … Continue reading God Loves Women

The Imperfect Person’s Guide to a Perfect Christmas

We all work so hard to create the perfect Christmas celebrations for our families, only to be reminded that we are far from perfect. I seemed to have had a more-than-normal amount of mishaps this past Christmas. I made a pie that turned out HORRIBLE – had to trash it. I tried a new recipe for a special Christmas garden salad that I thought looked … Continue reading The Imperfect Person’s Guide to a Perfect Christmas

Like Peter

I was in my mid-twenties, attending a business function in Kansas City, MO. I sat down for breakfast with several other women whom I had just met the day before. They were discussing a conversation that had taken place with another woman, mocking¬†her for her “overzealous” religious beliefs. I sat quietly, eating my breakfast. One of the ladies at the table eventually looked at me … Continue reading Like Peter

More Than Just a Bowl

This just looks like an empty bowl to you,¬†but it’s so much more than that to me. When I pull this bowl out of my kitchen cabinet, I can smell the butter melting over my mom’s homemade mashed potatoes. I can see the steam rising from her home-canned green beans. I can almost taste her dumplings. Almost everything my mom cooked was made from scratch … Continue reading More Than Just a Bowl