Pete the Cat Birthday Party

My grandson loves Pete the Cat, and that was the theme he chose for his 4th birthday party.  Pete the Cat books are so much fun to read, and more and more people are finding that out. There will, no doubt, be endless options for buying Pete the Cat party supplies before too long, but they aren’t available yet, so we had to get very creative to plan the perfect party for this sweet Pete the Cat fan.


We found some awesome decorations for the party by purchasing bulletin board graphics at a classroom supplies store for teachers. The large cut-out poster of Pete was adorable. He comes in separate pieces, which allows the choice of Pete with or without his yellow jacket, groovy shoes, and cool sunshades.  The poster set came with several  additional cut-outs of shoes and buttons, which allowed us to make the wall décor even more festive. We also used the shoes and buttons to embellish the dining and cake tables. Additional posters were purchased to decorate around the dining table, along with more cut-outs of shoes and buttons. A large bouquet of balloons in primary colors added the perfect touch for party fun!


Various packages of stickers were also purchased through the classroom supplies store. This allowed us to take basic, solid-colored cups, party hats, etc., and decorate them with stickers to compliment the Pete the Cat theme. We placed stickers of Pete onto blue party hats, and we placed tiny buttons and shoe stickers onto yellow cups, to resemble Pete’s jacket.

Another treasure we found at the classroom supplies store was a Pete the Cat puppet. We place him on a Styrofoam cone, in a plastic bucket, and added some cut-outs on dowel rods that were purchased on Etsy. We added tissue paper around the base, to fancy it up a bit, and it made an adorable centerpiece for the cake table.


This plush Pete was used for the dining table centerpiece. It was purchased at Kohl’s for only $5.00!


The party favor bags for guests were made by purchasing solid yellow bags, and adding four sticker buttons and two shoes to each bag. The favor bags were filled with a small Pete the Cat phonics book and a pair of Pete the Cat socks, both purchased by the dozen on Amazon.  Solid-colored bottles of bubbles were purchased by the dozen at Walmart, and we added a Pete the Cat sticker onto each bottle. Shoe keychains were purchased by the dozen from Oriental Trading Company, and they were a big hit with the kids! One other item that we purchased from the teacher supply store was a set of library card pockets with colorful Pete the Cat pictures on them. We filled them with miniature-sized packs of M&M’s and Skittles, a fruit roll-up, and lollipops, to add to the favor bags.


The overall party theme was adorable, so bright and colorful. It was actually more fun to create this party than it is to buy pre-printed party supplies. I know this little Pete the Cate fan had a wonderful time at his party, and he scored a lot of “groovy”  gifts to make him all ready to be “cool in school!”


He even got a jump-start on his Halloween costume!


Published by Shirley A Murphy

Christ-follower. Wife. Mom. Mimi. Founder and former publisher of Louisville Parent Magazine. I love small towns, American history, and celebrating life. Working on my writing and photography skills.

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