Birthday Spa Party Fun for Little Ones

Of the many birthday parties I’ve planned for kids, I think this Spa Party was the one the little guests enjoyed most of all. We had a blast planning it, as well!

The Decorations

Rather than the traditional birthday balloons, we went with a flower and pink lemonade theme for the party. We used assorted sizes and colors of tissue paper flowers to decorate the walls and hang from the ceiling, using a color scheme of pinks, yellows, peaches, and greens.  We didn’t care much for the spa party tableware that was offered in stores, so we opted for napkins and plates in our color theme with cheveron and polka dot designs. We found some adorable cups with lids on Etsy for the pink lemonade.


The Pampering

The birthday girl and her guests were treated to fizzy foot soaks, using kid-friendly Crayola brand bath bombs. They loved watching the water turn colors as the bath bombs fizzed.


After the foot soaks, the guests were led inside, to an oasis of plush blankets and overstuffed pillows, where they could relax while being treated to cucumber eye masks and lotion arm massages.


Each guest got to choose from pink or purple nail polish for manicures and pedicures. Once their nails were dry, they selected their choices of pretty necklaces and bracelets, and big, fluffy bows for their hair.


The Food

Dinner was served, picnic-style, with chicken nuggets, fresh fruit, chips, and pink lemonade. Fresh veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, and fresh fruit were also available for the moms who accompanied their daughters to the party.



The Party Favors

Each guest received a treat bag containing  personalized hand lotions and chap sticks, purchased on Etsy, as well as ice cream bubbles, personal packs of tissues, color-themed candies, fancy lollipops, and round bath sponges with Dum-Dum suckers inserted into the middle to make them look like flowers.


The guests, ranging in age from 2 to 7, as well as their moms, all seemed to really enjoy the party, and the Birthday Girl said it was her favorite party of all! Can’t beat that!






Published by Shirley A Murphy

Christ-follower. Wife. Mom. Mimi. Founder and former publisher of Louisville Parent Magazine. I love small towns, American history, and celebrating life. Working on my writing and photography skills.

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