November, A Time of Reflection

Our family had a couple of serious medical scares recently, one with an older loved one, and another with a younger loved one.  Both were frightening, and answers wouldn’t come quickly. I also learned of the unexpected passing of a couple of dear old friends.

With these things weighing on my mind, I spent a few November nights reflecting on life, and love, and family. I spent more time than usual in prayer, asking God to heal broken bodies and broken hearts.

Fearful of falling victim to worrying too much about my own fears or problems, I decided it would be a good idea to spend some time doing something for others, so I posted on my Facebook page, asking people how I could pray for them.

I received dozens of prayer requests, some responding on the post while others sent private messages. They were all requests for healing of broken bodies or broken hearts.

I added these requests to my prayer list, along with continuing to pray for my own loved ones’ needs. I was reminded that we all have struggles in our lives, and it’s important to “be there” for one another.

I was also reminded that, even through the trials, the blessings are many.

I am grateful for these reminders this November, and also for the opportunity to spend another wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with loves ones.


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