Simple Things Matter

Most of us tend to measure life’s journey in milestones – weddings, births, graduations, job promotions, retirements. We invest a great deal of time and planning into celebrating these things, as it should be, for they are, indeed, joyous occasions.

There are, however, many ordinary days in between those special occasions. Sometimes, if we aren’t careful, we can allow ourselves to get so caught up in the mundane of the everyday that we forget to take notice of how some of life’s simplest pleasures can bring us such joy.

I recently had a few back-to-back days in which I seemed to be just going through the motions of each day. I was so focused on getting things done and thinking about what still needed to be done – and none of it was anything that I truly wanted to be doing with my time.

We can’t avoid the mundane tasks of life and we can’t expect every day to be a party, but we can find something to celebrate in all days. We just need to pay more attention.

There was a Blue Jay outside my window as I was writing this blog post. He was fluttering around, nibbling at the berries on a bush. I found myself thinking that he probably doesn’t fret over a list of errands or chores to be done; he just basks in the sunshine and enjoys the berries, trusting in God’s provisions.

As I sat watching this beautiful, graceful bird, I started reflecting back over my past few weeks, thinking about some of the many things that have recently brought joy to my life:

Opening my Facebook page to find an incredibly sweet message from a dear friend.

Laughing to the point of tears with some other friends, over something incredibly silly.

Surprising my grandson with Batman brownies.IMG_4475_edited

Sunday lunch dates with my husband, after church.

Meeting my daughter for dinner, eating fried green tomatoes, and laughing over our poor attempt at “selfie” photos.IMG_3249IMG_3252

Having all of my family gathered around the table for dinner.

A quiet house on an early Monday morning, after a fun but noisy weekend.

Taking the scenic route home from work.20768207_10209479963383077_3016003181076067707_n

Sitting in my car a little longer after I get home, just to keep singing along with the radio.

Building castles with a grandbaby.21432967_10209661504601494_7547028542619800980_n

Phones calls from my husband when he was out of town on a business trip.

Meeting my son for lunch in between his classes, and seeing the excitement on his face as he gave me a tour of the Seminary where he studies.

Happening upon the traveling Vietnam War Memorial. It was an honor to take a few minutes to stop and pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives.




Baking cookies with my grandchildren and letting them decorate them however they wish.




When my daughter-in-law calls me, just to tell me about something funny that one of the kids did.

Getting flowers from my husband, for no particular reason.


Weddings, births, graduations, and job promotions are things that we all look forward to celebrating in life.  But even when the days are filled with mundane tasks, this list reminds me that life is far from mundane.

Joy is in the essence of everyday life. Pay close attention to it, and you will be blessed.


4 thoughts on “Simple Things Matter

  1. Amen! I heard someone say recently that the more gratitude she practiced, the more contentment she experienced and gratitude is what you’re talking about in this blog. Being content and taking time to truly enjoy the simple things! Thanks for the wonderful reminder, Shirley!


  2. Thanks, Denise. I strive to be grateful for all things in my life, but I must confess that I allowed the stress of dealing with too many frustrating little things get the best of me in recent weeks. It was time to remind myself of the many blessings in my life.


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