All About August

The hot days and nights of August bring with them an abundance of homegrown fruits and vegetables. They make for some awesome cold, crisp salads, and what makes a better meal on steaming hot days? My favorites this time of year are the juicy peaches and homegrown tomatoes. Delicious!

Here are some other things I am grateful for during the month of August:

Celebrating Our Baby Girl

We celebrated my daughter in a big way this month. Not only was it her birthday, but she also received a big job promotion! She has worked so hard to make it on her own; really paid her dues. I’m so proud of all that she has accomplished and happy to see her begin to enjoy the fruits of her labor. This girl is going places! (I hope she lets me tag along now and then, because we have so much fun together.) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; one of life’s greatest joys is when you children grow up and become your best friends.


Mouse in The House

We also celebrated our third grandchild’s third birthday this month, which equated to the third Mickey Mouse party. All of the Murphy grandchildren seem to want a Mickey Mouse party, at some point. We’re happy to oblige. I relished the look on this sweet boy’s face as he walked in and saw the house decorated in his honor. And, of course, if you are going to have a Mickey Mouse party, there must be hot dogs on the menu!

Once the party was over and all of the guests left, it was time to share the last piece of birthday cake.


I’m always grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the lives of our children and grandchildren. True wealth is not measure in dollars, but in love. My piggy bank overflows.

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