Antiques, Art, and Some Really Fun Junk

Day two of my adventure with my daughter led us to the Corydon Extravaganza of Antique, Art, and Junk Festival. There was some rain and a little mud to dodge, but we weren’t about to let that deter us from having a great day. We were on a mission to find some great vintage treasures!


The event, which was held at the Harrison County Fairgrounds, in Corydon, Indiana, charges a $3.00 admission fee to help offset the costs of hosting and advertising. We hadn’t eaten yet when we arrived, so the first thing we did was head out to where the food trucks were located. We met a very nice couple who owned the Dang Quesadilla food truck. The name was a family joke from the Napoleon Dynamite movie, which their three sons loved. They let us sample some steak which they had just taken off of the grill, and prepared a delicious lunch for us. The perfect fuel for shopping!


Once our bellies were full, we were ready to begin hunting for treasures. We started in the antique and collectibles area. We found lots of fun vintage toys and kitchen items, many of which I had in my childhood! I suppose that makes me “vintage.” My daughter was thrilled to find several books dating back to the 1800’s to add to her vintage book collection. We also found some beautiful sterling silver jewelry at great prices.


We ventured outside after the rain stopped to explore the artists’ booths. We met a nice lady from Ireland, who had a booth filled with hand-made soaps, hand-ground teas, and other Irish treats. We had fun trying on some vintage hats, and tested out some organic lotions and body scrubs. One of our favorite’s was the umbrella booth.


My daughter’s favorite find of the day was this set of blue Mason jars, which she plans to fill with tiny white lights and make a chandelier. She left a happy girl!


We explored Corydon a bit more before heading on to our next destination. It’s an adorable, quaint town, filled with vintage stores, a really cool ice cream shop, and a wonderful coffee house. We stopped in there for iced coffee and peach iced tea. Ahhh.



It was time to head on down the road, laughing all the way!


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