Awesome April

Springtime is in full gear and the celebrations are non-stop for my family during the month of April. Here are some of the things for which I’m grateful during this sweet time of year:


We kick off the month of every April by celebrating my husband’s birthday. The grand kids have the best time deciding on a theme for their Pappy’s birthday party and decorating the table with lots of streamers and favors. This year, they decided on a “Go Big Blue” party. We had all of my husband’s favorite foods, of course, which makes it kind of easy because he loves burgers and brats. Instead of a birthday cake, we make something gooey, with lots of cinnamon, because that’s what Pappy loves best. It was Cinnamon Monkey Bread this year, and it was a hit! He always has a lot of help in blowing out those candles. I am grateful for my husband and for every birthday I get to help him celebrate.



There is no other celebration more important to our family than Easter, for celebrating the resurrection of Christ is what gives us hope for our eternal future! We decorate the house in festive spring colors, enjoy Easter Egg and Treasure Hunts with the grand kids, share the story of Easter, and feast on ham, beef brisket, and an array of salads and veggies. There are always lots of fancy sweets and chocolate bunnies, as well. We celebrate Jesus on Easter morning at the Sunrise Easter Service. It’s an added bonus that it’s our son who is preaching the sermon! Afterward, we enjoy a good, old-fashioned potluck breakfast at the church. There is usually time for a quick nap before heading out to visit relatives for dinner and more egg-hunting fun with cousins.


The last two weeks of April are filled with non-stop Derby Festival events around Kentuckiana. The first and biggest event is Thunder Over Louisville. Hundreds of thousands of people gather around the Ohio River to view a spectacular air show, in which dozens of our military’s magnificent aircraft and pilots will show off their powerful skills. It’s beyond amazing to be sitting in a boat on the Ohio River when a Stealth Bomber comes sneaking up on you with unbelievable speed! It’s an all-day party, with food trucks, music, street vendors, and lots of people-watching. When night falls, the skies light up with one of the largest fireworks shows in the world. It’s a fabulous kick-off to the many Kentucky Derby Festival activities. Some of our other favorites are the Pegasus Parade and the Great Balloon Glow, in which all of the hot air balloons are lit up, glowing in the night sky before the next morning’s Great Balloon Race. Louisville is definitely the place to be for festival fun in April!



My daughter and I always like to sneak away for a little adventure sometime in the spring. We plan to do that in April this year, and I’ll blog about our experience soon. I’m always grateful to get my daughter to myself for a couple of days.

April goes by in flash with so many things to celebrate. Amidst the flurry of activities, however, I still find time to just be still, to appreciate the warm spring days and to notice the tulips blooming. For as long as the earth continues to turn, Spring will continue to come. God promises!


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