The Imperfect Person’s Guide to a Perfect Christmas

We all work so hard to create the perfect Christmas celebrations for our families, only to be reminded that we are far from perfect. I seemed to have had a more-than-normal amount of mishaps this past Christmas.

I made a pie that turned out HORRIBLE – had to trash it.

I tried a new recipe for a special Christmas garden salad that I thought looked so festive and tasted awesome – I’m the only one who liked it.

I realized an hour before everyone arrived that I had forgotten to put ribbons and bows on the presents.

I was short a gift for one of my kids.

Those boots that I searched so long and hard for as another gift didn’t work out very well.

I had too many stocking stuffers for some, not enough for others.

For a minute, there, I was starting to feel a bit defeated in my attempt to create a wonderful Christmas experience for my family. But, when I look at these photos and see the huge smiles on everyone’s faces, and think of the hugs and excitement and laughter, I am reminded that “perfection” is not actually obtainable, and it isn’t even necessary. Our house was filled with love and joy, simply from being together.

The only perfect gift is the gift of Jesus Christ, and being able to celebrate that gift with my family was all the truly mattered.

The moral to this story is, if things didn’t go exactly as you planned but you celebrated the birth of Christ with those you love, it was the perfect Christmas! 


4 thoughts on “The Imperfect Person’s Guide to a Perfect Christmas

  1. Hi Shirley– what a crop of cute kids you have!! I trashed a batch of bread on Christmas Eve! oh well. So true that the Christ we celebrate never changes, never fails. take care. xo


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