Here We Gogh

My daughter loves art, so when I heard that the Cincinnati Art Museum was presenting a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for another Mother/Daughter Adventure.

The first snowflakes of the season began falling as we made our way to Cincinnati. The first thing we did when we arrived was to take a selfie outside of the museum, along with a photo of the Pinocchio sculpture which stands outside the entrance.

The Van Gogh exhibit was entitled, “Into the Undergrowth,” and explored Vincent Van Gogh’s forest interiors and the evolution of the artist’s style and techniques. It was very interesting to see some of his earlier paintings, and watch how his talent emerged and progressed throughout his life. Cate is quite knowledgeable about art techniques. I am not, so it was fun to get an education from my daughter as she explained various techniques used in each painting. It was also fascinating to learn of the stories behind each of Van Gogh’s paintings, as well as more details of the struggles in his life.

We weren’t allowed to take photographs inside the Van Gogh exhibit, but we did get a few photos of other artwork in the museum, and we were pleasantly surprised at the many different collections available to enjoy!



The museum offers a world renowned collection of European paintings, drawings, and sculptures, featuring works from the 16th through the 20th centuries. There is an amazing African art collection, Eastern art, and a wonderful fashions and textiles exhibit. The American art exhibit was fascinating, as well. I was thrilled to see an original painting by my favorite American artist, Edward Hopper.


After we had completed our tour of the Cincinnati Art Museum, we headed to the Findlay Market, just a few blocks away, where we browsed the small vendor stores, sat in the giant chair, and marveled at the amazing fresh food and meat markets.




We ducked into a coffee house to warm up with some hot coffee, and found ourselves standing in front of a wonderful assortment of delicious looking homemade sweets. The pumpkin cheesecake was calling out to my daughter and the chocolate torte was calling out to me. We answered the calls.



We capped off the day with a movie and a dinner of shrimp and steak salad. Then, it was time to head to our hotel room and get ready for bed, for the next morning was going to be busy with massage and facial appointments!

Before turning in for the night, we spent some time playing with Cate’s new Van Gogh coffee mug. Vincent’s ear disappears when you fill it with a hot beverage!

I love going on adventures with my daughter, and this one did not disappoint; a little culture, some good food and conversation, a chance to relax, and, as always, lots of laughter!


8 thoughts on “Here We Gogh

  1. Hi Shirley– OK, to start with– your daughter is adorable! And you pretty much had my perfect day– time & talk with a daughter all day, art, food market, movie and good eating together! So fun to enjoy it through all your pictures! thanks.

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  2. Sounds like a lovely day! One of my favorite exhibits was Matisse’s paper cutouts which I saw with my mother and daughter. I love your pictures and their vibrant colors. Thanks for sharing!


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