A Step Back in Time

Locust Grove, in Louisville, KY, tells the story of William and Lucy Clark Croghan, along with the story of Lucy’s brother, General George Rogers Clark. The home has hosted a number of historical heroes in past years, including Presidents James Monroe and Andrew Jackson, John James Audubon, Cassius Marcellus Clay, and Lewis and Clark.

Each year, Locust Grove hosts a 17th Century Market Fair, depicting the life and times of that era. It offers a unique example of American history, offering visitors a chance to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of life as it was for our early ancestors.

My husband I enjoyed watching the reenactment of the battle in South Carolina, which took place during the Revolutionary War.





Visitors are able to purchase items that were available to those who lived in the 17th century, including beautiful pewter and silver items, hand-made daggers, and pottery. It became apparent to me, as I browsed through the market, that our early ancestors might not have had the quantity or variety of items available to them that are available to us today, but the items they did have were of the highest quality. The things they purchased and/or crafted would last throughout their lives and be handed down to future generations. Much different than today’s disposable society!







Bird whistles and toy animals for children.



People would travel by horse and covered wagon for days to attend the Market Fair, which meant they would have to set up camp for their stay.






Costumed characters roamed throughout the campsites. Children playing. Ladies having afternoon tea.




The smell of food items that were available during that time filled the air, including smoked meats, hot stews, freshly-baked breads. and hot cider. My husband tried the sourdough bread and cheese, while I had a delicious chocolate croissant.




Visitors can also tour the historical home and learn more about life during the times of early life in Louisville. Proceeds from the Market Fair go toward the upkeep and preservation of Locust Grove. It’s a fun way to take a step back in time!

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