Autumn Glory

My favorite time of year! Chilly nights wrapped in old sweatshirts and snuggly blankets. A cool wind in your hair and the sun’s warmth on your back. The smell of firewood burning. Leaves crunching under foot. Rays of sunshine glimmering on the leaves in jewel-toned hues of yellow, orange, and red. Scarecrows waving in the wind and pumpkins decorating every doorstep. Hot apple cider, spiced lattes, and pumpkin pie. A bountiful harvest of colorful sights and sumptuous smells to celebrate the passing of another summer and to prepare us for the coming winter. I always tell my kids to pay attention to the colors of Autumn, for they’re gone in the blink of an eye.


DSC08298 DSC08181DSC08307DSC08353 DSC08271DSC08348DSC08347

“With all creation I sing, praise to the King of kings, who was and is and is to come.”

(Revelation Song, by Phillips, Craig, and Dean)


My mind cannot begin to imagine the glorious beauty we will experience in Heaven.

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