Covered Bridge Festival

October, 2014

I’ve heard that Indiana’s Covered Bridge Festival is one of the largest festivals in the nation, so my friend, Julie, and I decided to check it out.

The festival started in Rockville, Indiana, over 50 years ago, and has spread to several different towns in Parke County, Indiana. The closest available motel with vacancy was in Terre Haute, which worked out fine for us since we could travel 20 miles east, north, or west and be at one of the festival sites. Since Rockville is where it all started, Rockville was our first destination. The weather wasn’t as cooperative as we had hoped; it was cloudy and rainy most of the time, but we didn’t let the rain ruin our fun. Our next destination was Bridgeton, IN, which is a tiny town in the middle of farm county. It took us a while to find the place and we were surprised to finally come upon a field with seemingly endless booths of arts, crafts, antiques, flea market items, and every kind of food imaginable. We spent an entire day there and barely covered half of the festival! We bought lots of goodies, including scarves, headbands, silver jewelry, and Christmas decorations. I was extremely excited to find the same beautiful nativity set that my husband and I had seen when visiting Amelia Island a few weeks earlier. We considered buying it but decided it was too expensive at that time, so it was great to find it again – at half the price! I texted my husband to tell him about it. He texted back, “Buy it!” So I did! I can’t wait to set it up this Christmas season! (Confession time. I actually bought it BEFORE I received my husband’s text reply, but I KNEW he was going to be onboard with it!)



Autumn colors were peaking during our trip, which made for beautiful scenery as we traveled along the Indiana back roads (and got lost in a few corn fields.)  I hope to return to the Covered Bridge Festival again, and I also hope the weather will be more cooperative next time, so I can get some good photographs of the breathtaking fall colors on the trees.




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