Zipping Along

Red River Gorge – October, 2013

I suffered a fairly serious head injury on Valentine’s Day, 2013, resulting in sutures, massive swelling and bruising of my face and head, two bulging discs in my neck, and post concussive syndrome. I wasn’t able to do much more than sleep for several weeks. I began physical therapy in order to help with balance issues, and came to accept the fact that the nerve damage had caused permanent numbness in my head.

I felt fortunate, as it could have been much worse, but after months of waiting for things to return to normal, I was starting to feel much older than my age. My friend, Julie, whom I hadn’t seen since high school, invited me to go zip-lining with her at Red River Gorge, in Kentucky. It seemed like a great way to step back into life, so I accepted.

I’m not going to lie; I was nervous. I worried about climbing the platforms and losing my balance. I worried if I’d jerk my neck too much upon landing. But, hey, you only live once, right? What a blast!



557065_10200688298116940_61705172_n (1)

We zipped across five lines, each one getting longer and faster. The scenery was beautiful and our guides kept us laughing. After completing our zip-line adventure, we grabbed some dinner and, then, returned to the lodge, where we must have spent hours drinking coffee and laughing over old high school memories.

The swings on the massive deck make the perfect spot to watch the Autumn leaves turn colors. It was great to get out and do something fun again, and even better catching up with my high school friend. Old friends are the best! I look forward to our next adventure. But I did nix her suggestion of sky-diving. My brain isn’t that damaged!

1382243_10200688318237443_599573532_n (1)


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