Historic St. Mary’s, Solomon’s Island, Annapolis, MD


September, 2012

In researching my family’s ancestry, I was able to trace many of my relatives to St. Mary’s, MD. It was one of the first colonies built in America, and I was eager to get a small feel for what life may have been like for them. My sister and I planned a trip to Maryland to do just that. We flew to Baltimore, then rented a car and drove to Piney Point, MD, where we stayed at the Piney Point Inn. On one side is the Chesapeake Bay and, on the other, the Potomac River. It’s a place of serenity with views of  beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

After enjoying a seafood dinner and a good night’s rest, we woke the next day and traveled to St. Mary’s, MD, where we toured the actual colony where our ancestors lived when they immigrated to America. We were able to see the dwellings in which they lived, the first store and church, and learn much about how they survived and thrived. They sailed to America on The Ark and The Dove. The Ark is the ship which carried the passengers and The Dove is the smaller ship which carried a crew of shipmen and supplies. We were able to board and tour a replica of The Dove and see the actual place where they landed.


Costumed guides provided us with information regarding what life was like for our ancestors, from games the children played to how they bartered with the Indians. I found it all quite fascinating. It gave me a better appreciation of the sacrifices my distant relatives made in order that those of us who came after would have the opportunity to live in a nation where we could worship God freely.



DSC01938 We also visited Cecil’s Mill, which was actually owned by one of our distant grandfathers. There isn’t much left there, now, but we saw the mill and did a little shopping.

Next, we traveled to Solomon’s Island, MD, where we did a little more shopping and eating and bike riding. It’s a peaceful little island with a very relaxing pace.


Our next stop was Annapolis, MD, one of my favorite places to visit! Not only is Annapolis the home of the U.S. Naval Academy, but the town, with its cobblestone streets surrounding the Chesapeake Bay, is steeped in American history. George Washington once spent the night in a ship just a few yards from where the Academy sits today, due to his ship hitting a large rock in the Bay. The restaurant where Ben Franklin signed the Peace Treaty is one of the primary buildings on the main street. One of the hotels is the former home of the governor of Maryland and is also the first home to have piping placed to allow heat to flow through the home. The town is filled with pubs which were frequented by many of our Founding Fathers.


We toured the U.S. Naval Academy, Cathedral, and Museum. I could spend days in that museum!


Next was time for lunch and shopping in the many boutiques and art galleries.


The best part of the trip was sailing on the Chesapeake Bay! We set  sail on the Windwood II for a sunset cruise.  Calm waters and mild weather made for smoothing sailing and a magnificent sunset. Can’t wait to go back and do some more sailing!


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